Via Sferracavallo 7

84047 Capaccio Paestum SA

tel +39 0828 730932

cell 3356263369

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Francesco Urti was born on 07/01/1968 in Roccadaspide (SA) in a hill country, the son of parents who owned a small farm, where during his teens to help his father stood in the meantime in contact with tractors and agricultural vehicles. It is this innate passion for mechanics from an early age lead him to have a dream in the drawer: to be able to build a workshop in the vanguard, becoming a good mechanic and be able to prepare a machine on which to run. All this can be done relying only on its own forces, as he belongs to a world completely different from that to which it aspires. Completed, so the primary and secondary school, at the age of 14 years continuing their studies, such as the engine, drive to the outbreak, qualifying in 1984 with excellent results. Is formed with a wide experience in the practical and theoretical, by acquiring knowledge with machine tools and welding. In the meantime, he also attended a workshop or training with direct experience as a mechanic.1985 sees Francis create in the garage under the house, a small workshop waiting to leave in 1987 to service in the military, where take place different assignments between a mechanic, ambulance driver, and instructor pilot for armoured vehicles, light. Meanwhile, his passion leads him always in contact with the world of racing as a spectator, visit circuits and important events, coming to the knowledge of many sacred monsters of the steering wheel, trainers and builders.In 1990, makes the big step...the wedding...but in '93, his dream begins to take shape :it builds a new building in a new property where he was born the FONTEMOTOR, a workshop equipped he runs with the help of the workers, without neglecting the importance of follow numerous training courses in mechanics and in electronics.But together with the company began his activity in the competitive...Salt in fact, for the first time on a Peugeot 309 GTI 16 group N prepared personally by participating in the cup of the Temples in Capaccio (SA) taking an excellent 2nd place. In the same year, he races in the slalom, climbs, and to the development of 309.In 1994, it continues with the races in the climb and in spite of the lack of knowledge of the paths treacherous, he gets a lot of finishes and a few victories.1995 marks its debut on the circuit boards, with the participation of many races of the Peroni where it begins to have the first successes, winning some races and earning many top placings. Participates in the races of the CISG. In the end of the week free loves training with the kart.In the seasons of '96 and '97 he took part in the championship Driver's Trophy, and some competitions of the CIVT.In 1998 he comes with the help of some sponsors, driving an Alfa Romeo 156 in CIVT.In 1999/2000, competes again in the CIVT, in various races uphill and some Challenge regional. In the latter delights to prepare for a Alfa Romeo 33 1700 16 valve special group, with which it competes in some events on the circuit of the Sele Battipaglia.In 2003 he began setting up an Alfa Romeo 147 in group A. For commitments in the workshop over the last few years has skipped a bit of the competitive world, but is dedicated to the preparation of some of the machines from the competition.However, in 12 years of racing has racked up the beauty of about 80 trophies. Today to 2020, she continues with perseverance and determination, to cultivate his passion

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